NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation) is a nonprofit, non-partisan health policy institute focused on enabling innovations that improve the quality and lower the costs of health care.

Our Vision

As the nation’s largest, most diverse, multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to identifying, analyzing and resolving critical health care issues, NEHI views innovation as the critical ingredient for improving the health care system.

NEHI works by combining the collective vision of our multi-sector membership with our independent, evidence-based research to move ideas into action. Our unique viewpoint cuts across silos to achieve consensus on the most significant barriers and opportunities for innovation, producing policy recommendations that have real impact on the future of health care.

NEHI Vision Map

Our Members

NEHI counts nearly 100 premier health care organizations as its members, including patient groups, health plans, providers, employers, universities, hospitals, business organizations, and the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

The diverse roster includes the American Cancer Society, American College of Cardiology, Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), Caregivers Action Network, CVS, Kaiser Permanente, McKinsey & Co., National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation, National Consumers League, PhRMA, Project HOPE, UCLA Health and Anthem.

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Our History

NEHI was founded in 2002 as the New England Healthcare Institute. In 2011, we adopted our acronym NEHI as the official name and then, in 2014, we expanded the name to NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation) to reflect our national identity.

The founders of NEHI were a group of influential health care leaders whose goal was to create a forum where leaders from all health care sectors could identify, debate and seek solutions to common health care issues – and then create policy change.

The catalysts for this enterprise were Henri Termeer (then CEO of Genzyme), Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD (then Dean of Harvard Medical School), Sam Thier, MD (then CEO of Partners HealthCare), Fred Telling, PhD (then VP of Pfizer), and Charlie Baker (then CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care).

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