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  • The Decline Of Venture Capital Investment In Early-Stage Life Sciences Poses A Challenge To Continued Innovation

    Fleming writes that rising costs and increasing uncertainty over regulatory and reimbursement policies have led to a precipitous decline in early-stage venture capital funding for biomedical research. Some of society's greatest medical needs - particularly in finding treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's - will be left unmet without significant policy changes to incentivize new investments. Fleming proposes five such policy actions, saying that the health of the nation depends on it.
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  • How Community Health Workers Can Reinvent Health Care Delivery In The US

    With a groundbreaking CMS regulatory change, along with policy support from the Affordable Care Act, holds the promise of bridging the gap between mainstream health care and community health through expanding the CHW profession and its impact on clinical care. Much like other disruptive changes in health care, however, fulfilling this potential will require a new way of thinking among state policymakers and the health care system at large.

    NEHI's own Judy Phalen and Rebecca Paradis delve into how CHWs can reinvent healthcare.
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  • Bundled payment arrangements may stifle health care innovation

    The increased popularity of bundling health care reimbursement around episodes of care, such as knee replacements, has raised the question of whether bundling might suppress innovation.
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  • NEWSFLASH: Check Out NEHI's Blog Published Today in Health Affairs Blog

    In Case You Missed It.... "Bundled Payments: Do They Put Innovation At Risk?"

    As stakeholders across the country wrestle with curbing costs and standardizing care, bundled payment has emerged as a promising tool. The model, which requires a single payment for a group of related health care services, has proven itself within clearly-defined procedures and now many are looking to take the model to scale in other costly disease areas, including oncology and chronic disease.

    But at what risk? Bundled payments are here to stay but there is serious concern that without appropriate quality safeguards in place, arrangements may inhibit medical advancement and the adoption of innovative therapies.
  • NEWSFLASH- Check Out NEHI's Article Published Today in Health Affairs

    In Case You Missed It...Read NEHI President Wendy Everett's article in this special issue of Health Affairs, "Connected Health: A Review of Technologies and Strategies to Improve Patient Care with Telemedicine and Telehealth".
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