Upcoming NEHI Webinar on May 20th

There is broad interest and significant investment in integrating behavioral and primary care among professional organizations, CMS, payors and providers. Yet, despite over two decades of convincing evidence about its value and cost-effectiveness, adoption of integrated behavioral health care is proceeding too slowly. What are the barriers to scaling a solution that is so critical to addressing our nation's behavioral health needs? What are the solutions we can implement today? What is the advocacy we need for tomorrow?

Join us for a discussion among individuals who have been working on integration issues for much of their careers to explore how to build on key areas of agreement to highlight and promote critical first steps.

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NEHI's Innovators in Health Awards - October 28th

NEHI’s Innovators in Health Awards recognizes individuals who have made lasting contributions in health and health care and inspired the community with their vision and achievements. On October 28, 2021 NEHI will be honoring Kathrin Jansen, PhD (Pfizer), Ugur Sahin, MD, PhD (BioNTech), Özlem Türeci MD (BioNTech), Jewel Mullen, MD, MPH, MPA (University of Texas, Austin Dell Medical School),Toyin Ajayi, MD, MPhil (Cityblock Health), Bay Gross (Cityblock Health), Iyah Romm (Cityblock Health), and Robert Coughlin (JLL, formerly of MassBio).

Learn more about our honorees and sponsorship opportunites. 

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NEHI Releases Policy Brief

Value-based arrangements (VBAs) between pharmaceutical manufacturers and health care payers have become a “tool in the payment toolbox,” but their impact may be limited unless the next generation of value-based arrangements are not only designed to achieve pre-defined clinical outcomes, but to achieve patient-centered health benefits as well.
This is the conclusion from a new NEHI white paper released today entitled, “Patients and the Next Generation of Value-based Arrangements: Reframing the VBA Debate Around Patient Benefit.”
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Burdens of Obesity and Diabetes Grow in the Wake of COVID-19 -- Continued Innovation is Crucial

February 12th, 2021

Recap and recording of NEHI's February 10th webinar: Accelerating Innovations in Obesity and Diabetes Management Post-COVID-19.

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Takeaways from NEHI's virtual meeting on COVID-19 Immunization

January 28th, 2021

On January 27th, NEHI held its last summit in a series of four virtual summit meetings on COVID-19 Immunization.

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