NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation) convenes a unique community of innovators – dedicated leaders from nearly 100 premier organizations across the country – to transform the health care system through collaboration and innovation. Through our network, NEHI identifies solutions and recommends strategies for improving the quality and lowering the costs of health care. Only with all stakeholders at the table is fixing health care possible.

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Benefits of Joining NEHI


    • NEHI brings together diverse viewpoints to improve the state of health care in our country and translates their differences through one common language: innovation.
    • NEHI’s network is made up of visionary leaders who share the common goal of making the health care system better through collaboration.

    • NEHI members have a competitive edge because our network offers unparalleled access to senior-level peers from diverse health care industries, providing a multi-sector perspective of complex issues.
    • NEHI is unique in that it breaks down traditional silos and convenes the full array of health care sectors to discuss challenges and identify solutions.

    • NEHI members are exposed to new and revolutionary approaches for system-wide improvements to health care, placing them at the cutting-edge of innovation and fresh thinking.
    • NEHI is uniquely positioned to promote and elevate innovation through our evidence-based research; we measure the value of an approach or technology by its power to transform.

    • NEHI members have a channel to policymakers that is credible and non-partisan, allowing their contributions to rise above today’s highly polarized environment.
    • NEHI translates research into action-oriented solutions, a strength valued by federal and state policymakers as they play an increasingly large role in shaping the future of health care.

    • NEHI members can contribute their voice and shape policies that have a direct impact on their overall business.
    • NEHI has a successful track record of translating evidence-based research into meaningful policy change that improves the health care system.

    • NEHI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that is dependent upon gifts, grants and fees from individuals, corporations and foundations to support its work. Your membership dues will help make a difference in our effort to shape the future of health care. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of tax laws.

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Member Engagement

There are a number of ways for members to participate in the rich environment of innovation and collaboration fostered by NEHI. Below are just a few examples of the NEHI Signature Events and High-level Networking opportunities that give members access to the network.

  • Working Groups and Committees

    These committees provide a unique opportunity for members to share ideas, and exchange viewpoints with senior leaders from all sectors of health care on issues of mutual interest.

  • NEHI On-Call Series

    NEHI hosts monthly conference calls with federal and state policymakers to keep our members informed and out in front of timely issues.

  • Roundtables

    Highly interactive, professionally moderated, multi-stakeholder discussions with national experts and senior government officials focused on developing policy recommendations.

  • On-site Policy Briefings

    NEHI brings our senior experts directly to our member organizations by hosting briefings at our member companies to discuss NEHI’s research and other initiatives.

  • Access to NEHI’s Member Center

    NEHI members have access to a robust member center filled with exclusive content for members only. Gain a first look at our research, take advantage of member discounts and download valuable resources to support your own business initiatives.

  • Member Briefings

    NEHI provides members a first-look at our research at member-only events.

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