Posted on September 3, 2015

Innovator in Health: Henri Termeer

Henri Termeer, one of NEHI’s 2015 Innovators in Health


Henri Termeer

Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Genzyme Corporation

Henri Termeer is recognized as one of NEHI’s 2015 Innovators in Health for his contributions to the biotechnology industry and health care. Throughout his varied and impressive career, Henri has spearheaded the development of treatments for rare genetic disorders, led his peers in humanitarian assistance and collaborated on health policy and cutting edge innovation.

Here are 5 reasons (among many) that Henri Termeer is a 2015 Innovator in Health:

  1. As CEO of Genzyme, Henri built a multi-billion dollar company that developed therapies to treat conditions that no other company had attempted to treat. His willingness to brave new markets and pursue a different path in drug development, led the company to make significant developments in the treatment of enzyme deficiency conditions, transplant and immune diseases, genetic disorders and cancer.
  2. But, Henri didn’t just stop there. He built a community of biotechnology. As was recently noted in the Boston Globe, “As [Henri] built Boston’s highest profile and most diversified biotech firm, he created an entrepreneurial culture — dispatching young executives to jump on new product opportunities — that his managers have worked to replicate elsewhere.”
  3. And, Henri understood that his biotech company had to partner with all sectors of health care to take on some of the biggest policy health care collectively faces. With this mission in mind, he worked with other prominent members of the health care community in Boston to create NEHI (thanks, Henri!).
  4. Henri’s brings his passion to all of the positions he holds. He is past director of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Board of Directors. He is currently a board member of ABIOMED, Verastem, Medical Simulation Corporation, Moderna Therapeutics, Allergan and, of course, NEHI. He is a board member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation, is a director of Massachusetts General Hospital, a board member of Partners HealthCare and a member of the board of fellows of Harvard Medical School.
  5. Even after leaving his position at Genzyme, Henri and his wife Belinda continue to be involved in advancing health care, making incredible investments in research, including a $10 million gift in 2011 to fund research on targeted therapies at Massachusetts General Hospital’s cancer center.

Find out more about our Innovators in Health Awards Dinner, October 7, 2015 in Boston!

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