Posted on September 19, 2016

Where is innovation in health care needed most now?

Learn more about where our 2016 Innovators in Health think innovation is needed most

iihInnovators are forward-thinking, and this year’s Innovators in Health are no exception. From realigning our research dollars to changing delivery systems Janet Woodcock, Ed Benz, and Diane Rehm all have a keen understanding of what innovations are needed to advance healthcare.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, US FDA

Overall, innovation is urgently needed in how health care is delivered, and how the evidence about the best care will be developed.  Clearly, the health care system in the US is among the most advanced in the world, but overall health outcomes are way down in the pack compared to other nations.  The experiments that are ongoing now, about changing reimbursement structures and so forth, will likely not be enough. On the translational side, I believe that health care must move from a ‘guild’ system, based mainly on expert opinion, to a continuously learning system, by doing research within the health care settings and learning what works and doesn’t work in the real world.

Dr. Edward Benz, President and CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

I think innovation is needed most in three places:

  1. New mechanisms for increasing quality while simultaneously reducing cost.
  2. Devising ways to apply advances in technology and science to clinical care more rapidly and cheaply.
  3. Interconnecting all components of the healthcare system so that every provider and patient can access all the necessary healthcare information anywhere at any time.

Diane Rehm, Host, The Diane Rehm Show

I am convinced that the brain needs to be studied as a whole by neurologists who are working together on issues such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Right now, each group is seeking separate funding, in a day and age when congress has little appetite for increasing medical research funding. I believe that combining the two in a joint approach could finally lead us to treatments for both diseases and event to a cure.  


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