Ensuring Responsible Use of Medicines

NEHI research and analysis is aimed at systematic improvement of medication safety, medication effectiveness and patient medication adherence in the U.S. health care system. Prior NEHI research on patient medication adherence is widely cited. Current NEHI projects focus on the convergence of ongoing trends in health care payment reform, population health management, healthcare information technology, chronic care coordination, health care quality improvement and pharmacy practice. We also focus on how this convergence can be accelerated to reduce medication errors, enhance medication safety, improve patient outcomes, eliminate health care waste and achieve appropriate health care cost containment throughout the health care system.

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NEHI'S Impact

For Our Members

“NEHI has been a valuable forum to help navigate the changing health care landscape. It has also been a catalyst for informing and influencing the health reform debate and in a number of instances has moved the ultimate decisions to a better place.”
-Josef H. von Rickenbach, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PAREXEL International, Inc.

In the Media

"The New England Healthcare Institute says non- adherence swallows $290 billion a year in additional health costs." -The New York Times

On National Policy

Following the release of the NEHI/MTC study, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacted a law making the adoption of CPOE a condition of hospital licensure by 2012.

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