Reforming Payment Systems

NEHI’s research and analysis focuses on assessing the impact of new payment models on the development, adoption and availability of innovative therapies and technologies at the point of care. Current NEHI projects include how Accountable Care Organizations, bundled and global payments, pay-for–performance and patient centered medical homes are changing the innovation paradigm, creating new opportunities for some sectors and challenges for others. NEHI’s agenda on payment reforms includes future analysis of the need for continuing innovation in payment methods that will support improved patient outcomes and high-value care.

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NEHI'S Impact

For Our Members 

"NEHI’s involvement in the ACO conversation is really about the organization they are, the knowledge that they bring and the platform they provide as the key thought leaders and stakeholders who aren’t specific to oncology. I think you need a neutral party sometimes to have these conversations. And they have done incredible work on bending the curve of healthcare costs and all of their other work that they’ve done to lay the groundwork for healthcare in a new era."-Molly Muldoon, Vice President of Government Affairs and Health Policy, Onyx Pharmaceuticals 

In the Media

"ACOs, even at this early stage, are changing the innovation paradigm, creating new opportunities for some sectors and new challenges for others. For payers and providers, ACOs have opened the door for innovative new payment and care delivery models. But at the same time, there are new pressures on the biopharmaceutical and medtech industries to demonstrate the value of their innovations in ways not required in the past."- Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, featured in the Health Affairs Blog


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