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NEHI’s research is aimed at identifying promising but underused technologies, assessing their impact on improving care and highlighting barriers to their adoption. Prior NEHI research has focused on remote patient monitoring devices, mobile devices, tele-health, tele-ICUs, social media platforms and technologies for managing patients with chronic disease. NEHI’s analysis links successful adoption of innovative technologies to innovations in patient engagement and clinical practice, HIT infrastructure, business processes and provider culture.

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NEHI'S Impact

For Our Members

"When we began to look at Tele-ICU, NEHI’s report was tremendously valuable. To have an independent body do an objective assessment, and develop the numbers, is a very compelling source of information. And really very balanced and very useful in assessing whether this is a right fit for a particular organization. For Steward it was tremendous."-Dr. Justine Carr, Chief Medical Office, Steward Health Care

In the Media

"NEHI researchers identified more than 80 technologies that were highlighted in literature or mentioned in expert interviews that have the potential to help patients with chronic diseases, especially those in California's safety-net population. They then narrowed the list to 11 emerging technologies with the most promise in terms of clinical benefit, cost savings and adoption."-iHealthBeat

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