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NEHI research and analysis promotes the adoption of evidence-based policy and practices for health promotion, the prevention of chronic disease and reducing health risks such as obesity. Current NEHI projects focus on the unique social, political and business challenges of sustaining effective, multi-factor strategies that will improve health at the local and regional level, and enhance the positive determinants of health that research has shown exert a more decisive influence on patient health and medical spending than medical care itself.

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NEHI'S Impact

In the Media

"'Anything that drives up costs has got to be a concern, and diabetes, which is still pretty much uncontrolled, is driving up those costs,” says [Healthy People/Healthy Economy Report Card] report author Tom Hubbard, a senior program director at NEHI.'"-WBUR CommonHealth Blog 

On National Policy 

On September 10, NEHI Executive Director Valerie Fleishman testified at the Massachusetts State House before the Joint Committee on Public Health at a hearing on House Bill 2634, An Act to Promote Healthy People and a Healthy Economy in Massachusetts, filed by Representative Kay Khan

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